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Air Traffic Management Safety Investigation and Analysis

Course Start End Training Agency Closing Date for Nomination
Air Traffic Management Safety Investigation and Analysis
10 Dec 201214 Dec 2012Singapore Aviation Academy02 Nov 2012
Course CategoryCivil Aviation
Open to countries under these programmes

(i) SCPTA Developing Countries 
(ii) SIDSTEC Developing Countries

Course Objectives

This course examines key issues relating to safety investigation in Air Traffic Management (ATM). Critical principles of ATS safety oversight, contemporary safety investigation techniques as well as the theory and practice of human factors concepts relating to ATS safety events are covered. The course also provides participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage safety investigation and analysis process within ATS operations.

Course Synopsis & Methodology
Topics to be covered are:
  • Managing Human Error
  • Cultural Fctors
  • Organisational Accidents
  • Human Performance Limitations
  • Witness Interviewing Techniques
  • Human Involvement
  • Contextual Conditions
  • Organisational and System Factors
  • Barriers in Accident Prevention
  • Investigative Issues and Reporting Requirements
  • Effective Findings and Recommendation
  • Introduction to ATS Safety Investigation
    • ICAO Annex 13 (Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation)
    • Purpose and objectives
    • Role of an ATS investigator
    • Investigator qualities and ethics
  • Introduction to Human Factors in ATS
  • Human Performance Considerations
    • Information processing
    • Situational awareness
    • Decision-making and communication
    • Stress and fatigue
  • Understanding Human Error
  • Human Factors Models as Investigative Tools
    • Individual versus systemic approaches
    • Reason and SHEL model
    • Practical application: Dryden accident
  • Safety Investigation in Practice
    • Interviewing techniques for safety investigators
    • The legal perspective: ATC and the law
    • Communication skills for ATS investigators
  • Case Study
    • Systematic Accident Analysis
  • Major Investigation Exercise
Class Size16
Participant Profile

Applicants should be:

  • ATM managers, supervisors, safety managers, investigators, trainers and inspectors who are involved in or going to be involved in ATM safety management and investigation from both civil and military ATS providers and regulators.
  • Nominated by their respective Governments
  • Proficient in spoken and written English
  • Below 50 years of age
  • In good health