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Singapore Scholarship

About the Singapore Scholarship

The Singapore Scholarship was launched in December 1998 after the Asian Financial Crisis to enable deserving ASEAN students to further undergraduate studies in Singapore‚Äôs universities. The Singapore Scholarship complemented the extensive technical assistance to ASEAN countries through the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP).  17 years on, the programme has met its objectives. As ASEAN moves towards regional integration, it is timely to re-prioritise efforts on other programmes of impact to our ASEAN friends. 

We will thus cease the Singapore Scholarships with effect from Academic Year 2016. This does not affect current Singapore Scholarship holders.

The Singapore Cooperation Programme sincerely thanks our Universities, host families and partners for their close support. We wish all our Scholars every success.

Please note that the Singapore Scholarship is distinct from the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships which are administered by the Ministry of Education.